Advanced PC Repair--For all your computers needs. 1928 E. Main St. Ventura, Ca 93001
Computer Repair

We Build:

Local Area Networks(LAN)

Wide Area Networks(WAN)

Client /Server

Pier to Pier

Sales, Services and Support

What we do:

We fix computers,Dell,Compaq,Gateway and HP.

We build New Custom Computers

We specialize in upgrades, to give your PC new life and better performance.

Our labor fee is $68.50 per hour in shop and $129.50 per hour on-site, with a on-site fee of $35.00. We are a Comptia authorized service center for Compaq, Dell, Gateway and Hewlett Packard products.

We do on-site service calls to Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Paula and surrounding cities of Ventura County.

We pick up and return equipment for a $45.00 fee.

We also Build:

Customized Computers to meet all your specifications.

Would you like to have a system you design?

Click on the custom tab

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